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Why Guns Should Be Banned in America: The Definitive Argument - Beazit Book

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ISBN: 978-1-955-88201-9

Finally after years of arguing it's here, Why Guns Should Be Banned in America: The Definitive Argument! This masterpiece of a book is the definitive argument against the second amendment and the ownership of firearms. With stunning new takes on a centuries-old debate, this book will have even the most devoted pro-second amendment believers begging for gun control.

  • Stunning Illustration -well the cover is nice.
  • Shocking Data and Statistics -sort of.
  • New revelations that will put an end to any pro-gun argument. -maybe.

You want to buy this book for your liberal Aunt. Give it to her during Thanksgiving and enjoy the show.


The entirety of this book can be viewed on youtube for free, check out our videos below:


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