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Jack and Beans - Board Book 3

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by FUPubs
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ISBN: 978-1-955-88200-2

This is a retelling of the well-known children's tale for adults, Jack and The Beanstalk. Whereas the original story taught a great lesson on taking advantage of life's opportunities, this version focuses on the more modern issue of laziness and the communist pipedream. While it may seem to some that communism is an easy way out of having to work hard to be successful, in practice communism will just leave you broke and starving to death.

The simple fact of the matter is:

1. Hard work and self resiliency is the only way to be successful.

2. There is no magic pie-in-the-sky solution to your problems.

3. Believing in hokey communist propaganda sounds terrific but will leave you starving and dead. 

 In Jack and Beans, our character learns these simple truths the hard way.  

Disclaimer:   Warning! The content in this book contains premises and themes that may be offensive to some.  

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