Gold Sponsorship

by FUPubs

These videos are incredibly expensive to make. If you want to see them continue, this is where you can help.

The Gold Sponsorship will get your name in the Gold Sponsorship section of the credits included in every Beazit video we make. You must have an active subscription on the day before the release of the video for your name to appear. 

If you would like to use a pseudonym, please let us know in the order notes.

In addition to our public acknowledgment of your support in the credits, you will receive one free shipment from us at least every 6 months. These will be items such as signed books, specially made apparel, and other types of merchandise that will not be available to anyone who is not a member. You will receive these shipments automatically and shipping will be free. If you want even more free stuff, please check out our Platinum Sponsorship plan.

Thank you for your help. We can't say enough how much it is appreciated. 

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