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The Big Bad Wolf Strikes Back - Children's Book 4

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by FUPubs
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ISBN: 978-1-955822-09-5

Are you sick of liberals propagandizing our kids into a hypocritical emotion-based ideology? So are we.

This is the sequel to The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf on the Road. The third pig is back, but so are the Big Bad Wolf's three sons, the latter of which are hell-bent on vengeance for their deceased father. 

The lessons in this book are:

1. Criminals don't care about gun laws.

2. If you are going to use a gun, it's a good idea to train with it and learn about it.

3. A government ran gun registration scheme is not in your best interest. 

4. Criminals must learn to fear their intended victims. 

In The Big Bad Wolf Strikes Back, our characters learn these simple truths the hard way.  

Warning, this book contains graphic violence and descriptions of violence. If you are trying to raise your child into a blubbering feminist cuck with purple highlights in their hair, this book is not for you.


Note: We listened to all of the YouTube commenters who said that the pig was an imperfect hero because he was too violent / used a "ghost gun." So we fixed it- by making him even more violent and even more Ghost Gunny. You're welcome.

You can also watch the reading of the entire book video for free:

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